January 20, 2009 – In History

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In local news (in the style of Mike Enriquez’s headliners):

QCSHS school principal Dr. Zenaida Sadsad, sadsad pa rin!
– In suspending 4 students, sacking their school’s journalistic publications, and all the while maintaining that the suspension did not violate the students’ rights, and that it was done based on the school’s rules and policies, this principal sure is one vain peacock. Students need not be wary of posting blogs AGAINST their schools (as long as they have valid constructive points) – I support student ideals. I’m still a student (graduate school), you know.

EDSA Dos, A-Dios!
– Commemorating this date (a few days ago) sure seems a futile effort. Cory Aquino recently switched from canary yellow to pork fat pink (subtle hit too), Erap’s out of bars, and GMA is now the most loathed icon now in RP (Bush’s gone).

Enero, me korapsyon na naman!
– I think no month has ever passed since GMA’s inauguration without at least A) one government official facing at least one graft/corruption case, or B) A Senator lands in one major broadsheet talking about shit they want to become gold. Correct me if I’m wrong. The flavor of the month has Gilbert Pajo in it. Who the hell is this guy, you ask? Nothing much, but he’s the chief of the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) of DENR.

Limang Pinoy, tunay na Survivor!
– GMA7’s Survivor spinoff is a farce. These guys are the true survivors. They tried to flee Gloria’s country and seek better crap down there in Sabah. They’re like the Jews escaping Germany in WWII. Surviving a capsized boat in the middle of the sea is a better challenge than what, outlasting “Patani”?

4 Taon at 25 million pesos, pang-drug-test ng estudyante!
– I’m all ears for this one. I mean, students should be tested, despite many students (and the Commision of Human Rights) claiming privacy invasion. The government failed at cracking down on illegal drug use by going after drug pushers, and fair enough, they failed spectacularly. Now they are going after the users themselves. Starting with the children. And that’s the right track to go to. The GMA show “Imbestigador” has shown many times videos of students smoking pot and sniffing coke. It’s about time students are taught that drugs ISN’T the right things to use and have. I hope the government relaunch the DARE school programme again, I heard it was successful in the 90s. After all, walang magtutulak ng droga kung walang mga bibili.


Great expectations follow US President Barack H. Obama, after 12:01 PM of January 20, 2009, American time.

He now not only carries the whole USA onto his young shoulders, but also the burden of much of the entire world. He inherits a country that is in a recession never seen before since the Great Depression era, two wars (Iraq and Afghanistan), an Israeli problem, and the whole world’s loathing for his predecessor, Citizen Bush.

He now has to keep his promises, and at the same time change the global image of the US and protect the country against domestic and foreign terrorist attacks. He must also be concerned about global concerns on energy, health, and food, scientific advancements, harnessing the power of the Internet onto the government’s favor (as he did during his successful campaign), and win back the trust of the entire world who has become weary of Bush’s trigger-happy agendas.

But we should not try to place all the responsibility upon Obama, because he needs his countrymen’s help and the world’s concern in general. He brings hope and a fresh start to America, and we wish him well.


Back from the US

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The holiday season went by like a breeze for me. I was gone for the majority of December.
But I wasn’t in the mood for the regular cold seasons, so I spent my Christmas and New Year “lazy spree” days in borderline Texas.

You know, the parts where Mexicans “jump the border”, like El Paso and Laredo. It’s hot in there, and no snow, and everywhere you look, Taco Bells stick out of any cranny.

I watched a few WWE events (house shows), it’s still the same formula, but hey, it’s so much better than watching a minute of TNA.

I’ll be back blogging for more Filipino news I can dissect by either tomorrow or by next day, I’m hitting the sack right now and sleep. Jet lag.

BTW: My latest graduate school thesis is requiring me to research a particular Filipino ethnic group’s sociology, and the group may be big or minuscule, positive or negative. Just one.

Can anybody suggest a good ethnic group that can at least fill 60 pages (not back to back) with juicy information? I’ll appreciate any help I get.

Just Like A Pill

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Last Friday, so many righteous and not-so-righteous people trooped to Makati to publicly denounce Arroyo’s plans to rewrite the Constitution. But the funny thing is that they want it rewritten – after Arroyo gets out of Malacanang.

Hahaha… that is MUCH more funnier than a Jay Leno fodder script. Those hypocrites. Removing a 4’11” hypocrite so that they can have a chance at being like her themselves.


You know, for those people in RP eating pork meat, I have three things to say to you.

1. Pork is just meat. If you’re that scared of eating pork, try beef. Or chicken meat. Or fish. Pork may be the staple meat in RP, but it isn’t the only meat out there. Besides, beef is much more healthier to eat than pork. I even rarely eat pork unless it’s the only thing on the regular hotel menu.
2. This “Ebola-Reston virus” that hit hard on the swine industry in RP is just a smokescreen. You know, Christmas is coming and pork prices are increasing, so some genius infects a batch of pigs with these virus so that people will be extremely choosy, if not avoiding, to buy their pork meat. Did you think this virus just came out of nowhere and infects a batch of pigs in nothern Luzon?
3. Try Jules Winnfield’s diatribe on pigs in “Pulp Fiction”. That should work.


In any case, Christmas in RP just makes you grow eyes on the back of your head. I heard many Filipinos say to me (I totally look like a foreigner because of my hair and my chin) I should be triple careful of pickpockets even in the most public of places.

There were horror stories of people getting their bags slashed with the precision of a surgeon and their valuables taken as fast as gossip. Not only bags, but back pockets in jeans, denim pants’ lower pockets, and even simple handbags are no match for these hoodlums.

They purportedly also grab necklaces (even when they’re even worn) and rip diamond earrings off unsuspecting women.

Maybe it’s time I consider going back to the States to spend my Christmas there. But I have graduate school and theses to finish, so hopefully I can manage. But I have to be really extra careful.


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Lately the war for GMA’s so-called “impeachment” (I’d rather call it a circus) hit rock bottom at the Lower House. Names were called, accusations were castigated, religions are sacrileged, and cases were nitpicked one by one. Oh, so-called JDV’s intelligence.

I dislike JDV. I declare it here and now. I dislike his dishonesty before and how his current honesty reveals itself in inopportune time. I also dislike GMA, but you know, bringing a crook down by another big-eared crook like JDV and the rest of the G.A.G.O. is something I actually… hate… to see.

JDV has turned from a statesman to a typical whistleblowing sonofa*****. Remember this, JDV: the end never justifies the means. If you plan to oust GMA using knowledge that you willingly concealed for years, something that blatantly dishonest in nature like you do can never accomplish what you want. What goes around, comes around.

Now can somebody else (that is more honest that JDV) try to impeach GMA please?


Oh, also by the way, I’d like to see GMA brought down by honest people. Really. Ones who are pure of mind and genuinely wanting real change in the governance of this country.

Cory Aquino is already a corruptible entity. Cardinal Sin is dead. Enrile and FVR are now old men. Honasan is nowhere to be found, even if he’s just a few yards away.

If the “machinery” to bring down GMA is willingly funded by corrupt politicians, it’s like pulling a weed out and replacing it by another weed.


China is not that much different either. Lately they got mad over Guns N’ Roses over their new album, “Chinese Democracy”.

Those are the most deadful words ever to reach the Red Party’s ears. And so far they are desperately trying to disseminate the fact that China will be as “strong” as a bull in remaining a “Communist” country in Asia. Yep, those are the effects of melamine.

From CNN: In an article Monday headlined “American band releases album venomously attacking China,” the Global Times said unidentified Chinese Internet users had described the album as part of a plot by some in the West to “grasp and control the world using democracy as a pawn.”

Yep, those unidentified Chinese internet users must be so high on melamine right now. Keep drinking it, tools.

And now China scraps its summit with EU over what, the Dalai Lama?

China is acting like a spoiled rich communistic bitch who comes and goes and bitches on will. And China should know that democracy is not “a tool used by the West to control the world”, it is a civilized way of life. Communism is something that you should put on a tip of a stick, travel back in time, and shove it up Mao Zedong’s big fat ass.


OK, so that’s it for now.

Butter Nostril

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Mr. Jesus Dureza, Press Secretary, you are in hot water

Sacred may be your name, but your tongue slips are not,

Sad will be your fate, in 2009 as well as in 2010

Provide us every day your spin-laden press conferences

And we will enjoy your honesty, as much as we enjoy Bolante’s lies

And may we not forget what you slipped, but constantly remind us what you said

“Bless the President so we will have forbearance, good health, the tolerance to lead this nation up to 2010, and perhaps, who knows, even beyond.”

“Oh my God!” <— (that was GMA’s reaction to Dureza’s prayer)

The “Genuine Anti-Gloria Opposition” (GAGO) in action

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Oh my. Just this afternoon, Jocelyn “Never-Mind-My-Girly-Name” Bolante appeared on the Senate hearing committee, and delivered what was the greatest scripted testimony I ever heard. Not even Jun “Frozen Delight #2” Lozada can compare to Bolante’s eloquence when it comes to delivering his speech and explanatory messages.

Obviously Bolante had some speech classes in the past. That was fucking flawless.

So, in this not-so-sunny afternoon, Bolante said three very vital informations most Senators would cringe even to hear whispers of these:

1. Bolante virtually exonerated GMA and a few other officials from being involved in this fertilizer fund “scam” in principally the same way Lacson’s erstwhile “ZTE bombshell star witness” Leo San Miguel shot Lacson’s ego down to earth.

2. The fertlizer funding “business” was a regular job of the DA, said Bolante. He even hinted of “bigger budgets had been released [by the DA] than this”, which meant that the much-hyped Php 728M fund was just, well, virtually a side dish of a full-course meal. 

3. Bolante’s role, according to himself, was just a “beneficiary chooser”, not “fund releaser”, which definitely brought the house down in the hearing after #1 (see above), confirming that he is authorized to give the money but he was not the one who procured the below-standard fertilizers.

It was obviously flawless. His scriptwriter must be that really good, maybe he hired writers from the WGA in the US. I can imagine the senator presidentiables now having tantrums in their offices, screaming in anger and doing “wall-based headbanging” just to vent their testicular frustrations.

But, he was under oath, so I can only say he got off using the legal system. The state always act in “good faith”, so Bolante’s testimonial, was, whether we like it or not, is taken by the state as the “truth”. And nobody can change that nor any lawyer can nullify Bolante’s testimonial. We are in the most democratic country in Asia, and that’s the bottom line. The only way Bolante’s statement can be reversed is through “perjury”.

Now the entire Senate (minus Zubiri) is on a goose chase to find trails of dirt that might help them erase Bolante’s testimonial and earn their gold points for being such fucking sticklers. Especially senator members of the GAGO (Genuine Anti-Gloria Opposition), who are hell-bent on making Gloria squeal like an underfed hamster.

And they do act swiftly. Two hours later, Rep. Matias Defensor said that the House committee on Justice will begin deliberating on the latest impeachment complaint against President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on Tuesday next week. Apparently the Lower House members are saying to the Senate to “suck Bolante’s dick even more” while the HOR will own all impeachment cases against GMA. But remember, the majority of the HOR is pro-GMA, so it’s a dead stick in the end. Especially that the impeachment case were submitted by a jilted businessman, a few leftists and men with balls the size of a houselizard egg.

Comedy at its finest.


Quote of the day: Senator Manuel Roxas II – “Sinungaling si Bolante. Hindi kapanipaniwala ang kanyang testimony. Kasinungalingan at pagtatakip ang kanyang paghaharap (Bolante is a liar. His claims are unbelievable. What he has given us so far is a cover-up).”

Tastes Like Grapes

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Just came back from the US yesteday evening, and boy that WAS worth the trip.

I was in Obama’s election night rally in Chicago’s Grand Park, and it was all too raucous I can’t even hear my friends yelling for Obama. At least I don’t share their “tendencies” so to speak, I prefer watching with my mouth shut. And John McCain… I’m truly happy for his display of genuine graciousness in defeat. That’s something you don’t see in RP politics.

Obama delivered too a very good speech that night, and somehow that day all wounds from America’s darkest pasts, all the sorrow and hate and racism, not only finally healed, but disappeared. Finally, many a black man can tell his offspring that they have a fighting chance at being a US president.

But reality sinks in after the euphoria: Obama is inheriting two wars, a disgruntled nation, a frayed economy and a tarnished international image of the US, in a financial sense. Hopefully Obama can keep his word, unlike Bush.

I do expect that change in a country takes steps, not leaps, and we all expect that change will come gradually as the next government will work on it.


Joe De Venecia is gearing up for a “bombshell” of a revelation: he will finally divulge all that he knows of the anomalies and irregularities in the Arroyo administration, and said he is willing to be grilled by his colleagues over the anomaly surrounding the $500-million Northrail project he brokered with China.

You know, congressmen… if you really are righteous and uncorrupted by power, when you see an irregularity, divulge it as soon as possible, unlike this big-eared oaf of a Pangasinan lawmaker who waited more than several months just to drop a bit of info about this supposed “irregularity”.

JDV should be wary of the rules surrounding controversies: the higher they reach in speculation, the harder they fall when proved false. And I also think that JDV is GOING to run for something in 2010 – how about being a Senator? He can beat Lito Lapid anyday of the week in ratings, so why not? But don’t expect me to vote for JDV – I never liked his passiveness.

But waiting too long spoils the broth – JDV’s revelation will only lead people to believe in his hidden agendas more than his testimonials. He smells like a fish, and he’ll look like an overfattened seahorse by the time he finally chooses to divulge his piece.


And in another stupendously hyped news by the PHILStar, Jejomar “Jojo” Binay (yep, that guy with the big B and the small P) declared his likeness to Obama (Binay calls himself “dark skinned”, not black) and that he would have a fairly good chance at being the most negroed president of RP. Well, some suds came up, the vinegar still tastes sour, soy sauce is still pitch blackened brown, and Binay is still one delusional DOM.

How stupid can one get? Clinging to another’s success and hoping that success can rub off to him will never work for Binay. Keeping him holed up in Makati alonngside with his dynaastic family is much better than letting him run for President. Binay, sucks to be you.


China, without doubt, is a land-hungry one, like a sexpot without satisfaction. They have run over Tibet, they have clashed over most neighboring nations over border disputes, they barged unwelcomed to the Spratly Islands, and they are still trying to get their grubby Red Party-stained hands onto Taiwan, now ruled by pro-China Kuomintang.

And now lately China is trying to stamp its final lead-laced nails onto Tibet, now directly slapping Tibet’s Dalai Lama on the cheek with a retort that “China will not waver in the slightest on preserving national unity”. What “national unity”? China had no history with Tibet, their so-called historical documents are just papyrus dipped in soy sauce, and most Tibetans do not speak mandarin before China’s Mao Zedong even came by.

China can just suck on their milk, eggs and biscuits – oh wait, it’s all with melamine now.


I’m kinda tired yet after coming back, so I’ll now hit the sack and take a one-day school absence.