Olympic melamine

I was outright pissed off at those “human rights groups” still cawking like a bunch of insatiable pussies after the Olympics in Beijing. It’s already September, pussies.

Sure, China is a bad example of a country promoting human rights. I’ll concede that fact. But these “human rights groups” are not even sports-related to say the least. These “human rights groups” can’t shoot basketballs, can’t do synchronized swimming, can’t do weightlifting, at least they can go on their own dicksucking Olympics if they like. And yet they insist on being that “relevant” in this sporting event.

How stupid can these “human rights groups” be? This is a sporting event, not a convention.

AFP also posted a news wherein it says that “China wins plaudits for Olympics, but criticised over rights”… what the f**k? Also, “…but rights groups were critical and the United States said Beijing had missed an opportunity to improve its global human rights image…” is plain Bush-generated bullshit. It’s not “bitching about it” anymore, it’s more like “Bush-isms” again.

Whoever in the US said this is a big jackass (maybe it’s the White House publicists). If he doesn’t like being a jackass, he can just an asshole for all his life. Well, Beijing hosted the Olympics, and that’s that. It didn’t intend to host lameduck events such as “How to improve human rights in China” or “Blow the United States and whet their very insatiable appetite for global self-indulgence”. They only wanted to host the Olympics, enough said. It’s a place for people to showcase their athletic prowess, not a venue for protests, catcalls and self-righteous dogbreeds to run amok on Chinese grounds. China simply wanted a peaceful Olympics, and these bastards like these “human rights groups” wanted a whorehouse.

To these “human rights groups” like Amnesty International, and those assholes in the US who sided with these turks, why don’t you host your own Olympics, bastards. Host your own Olympics wherein marathon runners carry placards, swimmers sport pro-Tibet swimwear and basketball tournaments to be sponsored by your groups. If these “human rights groups” continue this bullshit over next year or until Beckham starts to kick balls in 2012, they can simply go to hell.


Thank you ladies and gentlemen.
If there are any questions, you may direct them to the nearest wall near you.


~ by lancelotreadman on September 27, 2008.

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