Of milk and China

I wonder how China’s product inspection committee inspects their products?

I mean, a few years ago some toys from China were recalled due to some chemicals that are toxic to kids are present in the toys. Now it’s milk with a toxic substance called melamine.

Is it that hard to China to ensure their products’ safety? At least I can still enjoy the local Chinese cuisine at Binondo due to having a close-up-and-personal tour into many of the restaurants’ kitchens and I must say they themselves, unlike the Chinoys’ “mainland”, ensure their food safety.

Lately many of the fastfood restaurants and delis put up signs saying that their milk is not from China. At least they can defend themselves with diplomacy.


Ayala has put up notice that they are interested in buying PhilamLife from AIG. Thank God it’s not the Yuchengcos, because monopoly is an economic bitch.


The JPEPA deal between the Philippines and Japan is a landmark deal, not a curse. Now there’s this local Greenpeace group bitching the deal, saying that Japan will be able to dump toxic waste to the country. Well, proof? None. It’s just Greenpeace-Philippines and their hypothetical bullshit.

And some local militant groups like to “junk JPEPA”. Yeah right. Reamin poor, you rallyists. The rest of RP will benefit while these rallyists can bitch about theirs. Wonder why these militant groups are so poor? Primarily they are used as vehicles by the rich leaders. Philippine business leaders have said the treaty could boost exports by up to 1.4 billion dollars annually, as well as lead to tens of thousands of new jobs. Now that’s a start at global competitiveness.

Some pundits say JPEPA will bring competition to the Philippine market. Well, they can bring guns and Filipinos will bring out the Howitzers. We can’t always self-monopolize our own market. Competition brings out economic growth. And in this times of economic turbulence, a little growth can be of big help.


In times of crisis, we can’t always panic and fear for the worst. It pays to be at least optimistic despite the pressure of pessimism.


~ by lancelotreadman on October 10, 2008.

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