Chinsuko Shimbun

Now the biggest ass in Makati, Jejomar Binay (that’s Binay with the captal B and the small P) yesterday dared President Arroyo to file criminal charges and order the arrest of retired Army general Jovito Palparan for his alleged involvement in the abduction and illegal detention of two farmers in Bulacan more than two years ago.

That was “alleged”, by the way. Mr. Binay, please confirm your sources first, then change your wording to “confirmed”, then you can logically urge the Presidential bitchwagon to arrest this General.

The opposition… *sigh* only knows to bitch and cawk but when push comes to shove, they come out with their tails behind their testicles. The same with Lacson and his botched attempt with a supposed ZTE witness a few months ago.

“The Arroyo administration should file charges and order the arrest of Palparan to show its adherence to the constitutional provisions of protecting human rights and the rule of law,” Binay said. Asshole. Do you think that the Arroyo administration will be “clean” in your eyes by follwing your every whimsical requests?


If it’s the same with pigs, the same with oil.

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) will be summoning officials of oil companies to the hearing on the fare rollback in order to explain the high prices of gasoline and diesel despite the decline in the price of crude oil in the world market.

It’s obvious that these oil companies are still trying to take advatage of the situation. They get more money for their pockets at the expense of the people despite the glaring signs that they should enforce a price increase.

As I said, it’s like the market pork-per-kilo pricing – the vendors refuse to lower prices due to “hard times” and their need to satiate their greed. It’s the ultimate opium for the poor people – greediness.

But these oil company honchos aren’t poor – they’re rich people trying still to amass their money more to spend on holiday trips to Hawaii. Money, is their ultimate opium. Heck, they can smoke 20 dollar bills and nobody will give a whit.


To Mr. Joey de Venecia, flash news for you: to impeach a crook, you must present concrete details on the question of “why”. I don’t see your complaint going further than a simple browse-through-then-shred process, it’s full of crap. I want Gloria impeached, actually, but I’m looking for something more concrete and less flawed than say, the ZTE scandal you caused? Or “Hello Garci”? Those are just press fodders. Some of it are true, but if the lies outweigh the truth, all becomes a lie.


~ by lancelotreadman on October 14, 2008.

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