It’s all about the money, money, money…

In the “not-so-good-news”, at least three “major” transport organizations expressed their vehement opposition to the fare reduction petition during a public hearing at the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) yesterday (October 14).

These bastards… when gas goes up, they want a fare hike. If gas goes down, they don’t want a fare rollback. What a bunch of pussies.

According to GMANews.TV, those that opposed the fare hike petition filed by various commuters groups were the PISTON, PASANG MASDA and the Metro Manila Jeep Operators and Drivers Association (MMJODA).

Well then.

PISTON = assholes.
PASANG MASDA = assholes.
MMJODA = assholes.

LTFRB Chairman Thompson Lantion was quoted saying that “the groups want major oil price rollback before any fare reduction is made”. It’s as if like somebody is sick, the doctor will only give medicine when the patient is coughing up blood.

Also during yesterday’s hearing, the LTRFB formally summoned (what, wizardry this time?) the three major oil companies (Shell, Petron, et al) and small players (Flying V, Total, et al) to shed some light on the high prices of oil despite the decline of crude oil in the world market. As if there’s not enough assholes in RP, these oil companies want a share of the distinction of being assholes too.


JDV’s refusal to support the “fruit of his loins”, Joey DV’s impeachment bid against President Arroyo may be his last attempt to retain his dignity as a statesman and also out of propriety. He surely knows that shenanigans like his son’s latest escapades won’t prosper. It’s like battling AIDS using HIV.


In other news, Sulpicio Lines, the most statistically deadly company in the country, has lost its civil case suit against PAGASA.

What a bunch of bastards. PAGASA is a weather FORECAST agency of the state, you Sulpicio turds. The difference between PAGASA and a carnival fortuneteller is that PAGASA has the mechanical means to ensure the accuracy of their forecast. And being a forecast, it is never accurate nor absolute. If the storm shifts to another direction at the last minute, it’s not PAGASA’s fault.

Besides, PAGASA is performing a government function, hence it’s immune from frivolous suits like these.

Sulpicio Lines’ record of tragedies should end with the last one. No more should die because of boarding ill-prepared ships with toxic cargos to boot.


And speaking of the devils, the Kapanalig at Kambilan neng Memalen Pampanga (Kambilan) will file this morning its recall petition against Gov. Eddie Panlilio, with a supposed 220,000 signatures from their supporters.

The instigator, Rosve Henson of KAMBILAN (also an avid supporter of the now-former Pineda) even admitted to the “integrity” of the signatures by saying that they came from Lubao residents, also a stronghold of the Pineda family. Also included in the shenanigan is Dennis Pineda, mayor and the leader of the Pampanga Mayors’ League.

But 220,000… I had a short life, but I never would have thought of the day would I see another huge mass of idiots aside from the 11 million pricks that voted for Trillanes.

They’re still short, though. 220,000 < 1,000,000. COMELEC needs 10% of the total registered voters of Pampanga to be validated in the recall petition before it holds a recall.

So, Panlilio is still somewhat snug and safe. But Panlilio should know by now that there are some hugantic morons in his province, and should always, always watch his back. Hey, Pineda’s rich, you never know where the money goes. Filipinos always say “matagal mamatay ang masamang damo“. It always pays to be alert in the political scene.


~ by lancelotreadman on October 15, 2008.

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