The PNP’s Maj. Hardon and Pvt. Parts

Currently the Philippine National Police is embroiled in a very press-lucrative controversy surrounding one of its recently retired officials being involved in what the press dubbed as the “Moscow Scam”, also the “Russian Fiasco”, “From Russia With Money”, and so on.

Former PNP comptroller Eliseo Dela Paz and his wife were held at the Moscow airport a few days ago after authorities found the equivalent of P6.9 million in their possession. This very juicy information soon leaked out and the nightly-news shows saw a surge in cop-related fodder. And in addition to Dela Paz, Russian customs police have detained eight senior officers in Moscow last Saturday and seized 105,000 euros (134,000 dollars) which a police spokesman later explained was a “cash advance” to cover incidental expenses on the trip.

Now how can $134,000 dollars be for “incidental expenses”? I mean, poor people are starving in the RP and these PNP officials just simply claim this sum of money as “incidental expenses”? How callous of them. What do they think will happen in their little winter escapade? Be buried by snow and pay euros to their gravediggers? Shit.

The officers supposedly had attended an International Police conference in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It’s just a fricking conference, and these eight Cornholios brought with them $134,000?? That’s public money, you eight monkey bitches.

Now Philippine policemen are being screened for foreign travel, an official report said. Good. The Philippine National Police (PNP) has set a pre-departure briefing for 45 policemen heading for the United States to attend a seminar. Better. And if they want the best ranking, supply them with enough money for food and lodging, and never include any for “incidental expenses”. If they screw up in the US, they’re screwed, that should be the policy.

But according to GMANews.TV, the PNP hierarchy and the Interior Department tried to “downplay” the incident by naming the undeclared amount of money as a “contingency fund” for the police delegation sent on a seminar there in Russia. What again… if you know you’re in hot water, excuses like these only increase the temperature. And now, PNP, the words for you are “crash” and “burn”.


Now Sulpicio Lines, Inc. is trying to squeeze every bit of legal money to help them float off bankruptcy.

SLI recently sued the air-and-sea freight services firm Ceva Logistics Inc. that loaded the toxic endosulfan cargo to the ill-fated passenger vessel of theirs, the “M/V Princess of the Stars” that capsized in Romblon last June.

Now I see a little desperation after SLI failed to cream some dough from PAGASA last week.


Former President Joseph Estrada is still living in a candyland of denial these days, and we can’t blame the old man, he’s probably getting some of his screws loose as the years go by.

He recently slammed the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) for ordering him and former senator Loi Ejercito (his wife), to pay a total of P2.9B in unpaid taxes stemming from the perjury case he had while being “incarcerated”.

Look, we don’t need the court to prove Erap and “Jose Velarde” is one and the same. We already knew it based on the previous evidences and testimonials of other credible people.

The BIR should actually let Erap go, he needs his money for future operations, Arthro, Flanax, Liveraide, caviar, Johnny Walker, Chivas, and other nutritional supplements he might need on his old age. And with that maybe Erap will be content to just shut his bunghole.


Henry Sy, and his family, is now valued by Forbes magazine by $3.1 billion, making them the richest family in the Philippines, edging out the Ayalas, Yuchengcos and the Arroyos.

Business-wise, it’s evident – he owns the biggest chain of supermalls in the Philippines, SM, alongside other investments and ventures and businesses, and malls are always cash cows in third worlds. Sy’s history of development from simple shoe stores and meager beginnings to being a conglomerate is one of Go Negosyo’s stories which I have been fortunate to read, and when I read the news, I knew already that it was just the proverbial “fruit of labor”.

This only shows that hard work and perseverance works better than a mere smile of luck from lotteries. Money doesn’t just fall like manna – you have to work for it, and even if you get some as a gift or a lucky winning, you’ll work for it the rest of your life.


McCain is sure getting desperate these days. Their last debate yesterday was quite heated, and judging from McCain’s attacks and how Obama successfully parried and defended each and every one of it, John McCain is one very very desperate man.

Obama’s leading in polls. Obama’s rallies and political shows have been blockbusters. The crowds at McCain’s rallies pale in comparison to Obama’s. And Obama is branching out to young people in stead to his own politically youthful age, even going as far as having Obama ads placed on the top 10 online video games in the US.

The debate was tough, and definitely personal. Many topics have been raised like politics, taxes, campaign fundings, economics and the general views of the American people, but I have to say that McCain should step back from Bush (it was also discussed in that debate), because being aligned with Bush these days mean the kiss of death, and McCain is close to puckering up.

But the debate was good. Better than the previous.


The Catholic church in the Philippines were dealt a Pacquiao-esque punch by a recent survey that says most Filipinos are in favor of family planning education.

The non-commissioned survey by the Social Weather Station (SWS) conducted from Sept. 24 to 27, also found that 7 out of 10 Catholics or 71% are in favor of the congressional passage of the Reproductive Health Bill.

Also, 68% of non-Catholics favor the bill, says SWS. “Support for the RH Bill is an overwhelming 84 percent among those previously aware of the bill, and a majority 59 percent among those who became aware of it on account of the survey,” the SWS said. Really good numbers.

With this glaring fact, the CBCP should somehow lower its hardline stance on this issue, and may they realize that there is a very clear red line between church and state, and they should step back.


DOH is still not yet done with the melamine checking business. It’s good, since it assures the public further with regards to buying milk products. Hope they keep it up until every product on a standard grocery is scanned and verified.


~ by lancelotreadman on October 17, 2008.

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