All The Way To The Hospital

Yep, it’s confirmed: Jocjoc Bolante is already HERE in the Philippines. And he’s not in the Senate hotel.

According to GMA’s Flash News segments (which flickered here and there last night), former DA usec. Jocelyn “Never-mind-my-girly-name” Bolante was brought to St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City (yep again, that very pricey one) for “hospital arrest,” shortly after his arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Now the so-termed “Senate arresting team” including their sergeant-at-arms (or I would rather call them a pack of idiots) sat and waited for nothing as a wizened and gaunt Bolante (I thought US was the land of milk and honey… oh wait, scrap the milk) was whisked away to the hospital. And some politicians even went as far as to place the pack of idiots near Bolante’s medical hotel room, and as to Filipinos say, “para magkaroon lang ng kahit konting silbi”.

I can already imagine some Senators fuming madly at some backstage area somewhere in the Senate.


Yesterday it was big news that the Sunflower crackers most Filipinos love (besides Skyflakes and Magic), had all of its variants pulled out of almost all major supermarkets and groceries even though the DOH only banned its Blueberry Cream line.

And yes, the so-termed “our products did not come from China” excuse tagline continues on.


As a sidenote, the Lucky-Me Supreme Court has already urged the Senate to go against the arrest of Bolante. This goes to show that the whole Senate has its own version of “justice”.


The Chinese are now complaining to Microsoft about their new anti-piracy policy with their popular operating systems, Windows XP and Vista.

The genius of Bill Gates’ group of geeks have adopted the ‘black-out’ method, which turns computer desktops black every hour if the installed Windows XP operating system fails an authenticity validation test. It actually started about 3 years ago when I heard from my university dormmates that some small-time computer rental shops had their units confiscated by a PNP raid sponsored by Microsoft. Then, I noticed that some other small-time PC shops had this unobtrusive Windows Genuine Advantage image at the startup login screen, which continually asks the user to buy the genuine product.

This chess move by Gates has caused an outcry among the predominant WinXP Chinese users, who have labeled it as “unfair” monopoly tactics. Well, they can go cry and bitch about it in their papers, but I don’t think Microsoft is known for relenting to its customers.

I only have one phrase for all of you Chinese whiners out there: Use Linux, Red Hat, SuSE or Ubuntu.


Recently a few people in one blog have roughly castigated me for telling the truth. At least one named “chi” was respectful enough to treat it as a friendly note (thank you very much, much appreciated for the welcoming!) while 3 others tried to kiss my butt. One even went so far as to label me a “blog police patrol”. Well, I actually liked the idea of saying to this particular commentator that his police patrol theme sucks and he can “stick it up his ass” in a separate comment for being such a stickler, but I respect Manong Cocoy’s blog, so I’d rather blather about it here.

But I guess he can’t blame me for it – I used English with very minimal Filipino in it. And I’m in the Philippines, so there could be a few r—– out there that can hurl some carabao dung at me for telling a very simple (yet so minor) truth in English. And since the virtual world can be both fun and insulting at the same time, either that other commentator’s a p— or a b—h.

Then, I guess, I’ll just have to learn to keep my virtual mouth shut for a few side comments on other people’s blogs unless some r—– starts to kick my ass.

EDIT: OK, I’m calm now. I think it’s unfair to be also biased on my part, so I’ll be quite fair in dealing with criticisms such as that one.


~ by lancelotreadman on October 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “All The Way To The Hospital”

  1. […] event; the best the Senate sergeant-at-arms could do was tag along (as scornfully pointed out by Politicians are from Uranus), the best the media could do was scramble to keep up, the only thing the public could do was […]

  2. […] event; the best the Senate sergeant-at-arms could do was tag along (as scornfully pointed out by Politicians are from Uranus), the best the media could do was scramble to keep up, the only thing the public could do was […]

  3. Malingering! Malingering! Malingering! That’s Bolante.The doctor checked his BP it’s 110 over acting.My achy achy heart pa siya.

  4. The Senate arresting team was actually instructed to sit down and wait, period. That was part of the choreography, a cameo role meant to divert us temporarily from the main aria of FG’s gloating victory. Yep, there were few senators fuming madly in the backstage, not because of some lofty agenda to serve justice where it is due, but for the lost opportunity to take center stage and gain some pogi points. We watched with fascination, groaned at the travesty of it all, and later, with just one click, will change channels. I decided a long time ago that what I am watching is a telenovela.

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