In sickness and in pretending

The Senators are now REALLY fuming madly (see my previous entry) as the JocJoc Bolante issue is nearing the “frozen delight” status. The PR men are scrambling to squeeze what issue-worthy points the Senators can raise and hammer down as Bolante, on the other hand, is also trying desperately to avoid the pack of dogs that are biting down on his heels. I do not know if these presidentiables are in cahoots with the media, as Bolante appears in nightly news programs in an average of at least three times.

A week is too long for one very hot meteor to remain as hot as it had landed on Earth. The same with juicing Bolante.

It’s also obvious Bolante is a lying piece of ass. You know, maybe staying in the motherland of Hollywood has some benefits, like “clutching your chest” or “trimming down fat to a gaunt physique” or “grimacing every 6 minutes whenever media cameras are rolling” can be translated to symptoms of heart ailment? PNP generals can do better than that.

Crooks are trying to catch a crook to nail another crook. Is the Philippine government trying to be ironic?

PS: I do not know this too, but whoever named their son “Jocelyn” sure is a queer one for a parent. I mean, that name’s usually reserved for demure provincial girls, not overacting ex-politicians.


I also think JocJoc Bolante can pull a “Neri” at this point.

I mean, former socio-economic Sec. Romulo Neri invoked his “executive privilege” aka “the right to remain silent, version 2” at the NBN-ZTE deal hearing which infuriated many Senators (which also served as a destroyer for Manny Villar’s proverbial political springboard). And Neri has provided the loophole for many witnesses to use, why not Bolante?

Looking at Bolante, I think he’s not in the jovial mood for the season of giving. He’s content in hospital arrests or evading interviews or placing gag orders on his masseuse (aka the doctor).

I think Bolante is not that scared of going to jail. I mean, there’s the Jalosjos influence and the Trillanes precendent, which both cases feature these inmates living in opulence in prison.

And the most scary part is, when the Senate sends Bolante to jail, 12 months later GMA can give Bolante a very appealing gift.

Executive clemency.


Taiwan, in my opinion, is a sovereign country and not China’s breakaway “territory”.

Hopefully Taiwan’s president Ma Ying-jeou (a KMT leader) keeps his word on keeping the sovereignity of Taiwan as is and rejecting any political advances by China.

Tibet is now in ruins, and for us foreign observers, enough is enough. The UN and WB should intervene and help Taiwan achieve its status by giving it a membership slot.

And China can keep its melamine to itself.


I’ll be gone for a few days, I’ll be in the US for the elections, so let’s see the electoral drama unfold until the 270 magical number is achieved. I’ll try to blog too while I’m there.


~ by lancelotreadman on November 3, 2008.

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