Tastes Like Grapes

Just came back from the US yesteday evening, and boy that WAS worth the trip.

I was in Obama’s election night rally in Chicago’s Grand Park, and it was all too raucous I can’t even hear my friends yelling for Obama. At least I don’t share their “tendencies” so to speak, I prefer watching with my mouth shut. And John McCain… I’m truly happy for his display of genuine graciousness in defeat. That’s something you don’t see in RP politics.

Obama delivered too a very good speech that night, and somehow that day all wounds from America’s darkest pasts, all the sorrow and hate and racism, not only finally healed, but disappeared. Finally, many a black man can tell his offspring that they have a fighting chance at being a US president.

But reality sinks in after the euphoria: Obama is inheriting two wars, a disgruntled nation, a frayed economy and a tarnished international image of the US, in a financial sense. Hopefully Obama can keep his word, unlike Bush.

I do expect that change in a country takes steps, not leaps, and we all expect that change will come gradually as the next government will work on it.


Joe De Venecia is gearing up for a “bombshell” of a revelation: he will finally divulge all that he knows of the anomalies and irregularities in the Arroyo administration, and said he is willing to be grilled by his colleagues over the anomaly surrounding the $500-million Northrail project he brokered with China.

You know, congressmen… if you really are righteous and uncorrupted by power, when you see an irregularity, divulge it as soon as possible, unlike this big-eared oaf of a Pangasinan lawmaker who waited more than several months just to drop a bit of info about this supposed “irregularity”.

JDV should be wary of the rules surrounding controversies: the higher they reach in speculation, the harder they fall when proved false. And I also think that JDV is GOING to run for something in 2010 – how about being a Senator? He can beat Lito Lapid anyday of the week in ratings, so why not? But don’t expect me to vote for JDV – I never liked his passiveness.

But waiting too long spoils the broth – JDV’s revelation will only lead people to believe in his hidden agendas more than his testimonials. He smells like a fish, and he’ll look like an overfattened seahorse by the time he finally chooses to divulge his piece.


And in another stupendously hyped news by the PHILStar, Jejomar “Jojo” Binay (yep, that guy with the big B and the small P) declared his likeness to Obama (Binay calls himself “dark skinned”, not black) and that he would have a fairly good chance at being the most negroed president of RP. Well, some suds came up, the vinegar still tastes sour, soy sauce is still pitch blackened brown, and Binay is still one delusional DOM.

How stupid can one get? Clinging to another’s success and hoping that success can rub off to him will never work for Binay. Keeping him holed up in Makati alonngside with his dynaastic family is much better than letting him run for President. Binay, sucks to be you.


China, without doubt, is a land-hungry one, like a sexpot without satisfaction. They have run over Tibet, they have clashed over most neighboring nations over border disputes, they barged unwelcomed to the Spratly Islands, and they are still trying to get their grubby Red Party-stained hands onto Taiwan, now ruled by pro-China Kuomintang.

And now lately China is trying to stamp its final lead-laced nails onto Tibet, now directly slapping Tibet’s Dalai Lama on the cheek with a retort that “China will not waver in the slightest on preserving national unity”. What “national unity”? China had no history with Tibet, their so-called historical documents are just papyrus dipped in soy sauce, and most Tibetans do not speak mandarin before China’s Mao Zedong even came by.

China can just suck on their milk, eggs and biscuits – oh wait, it’s all with melamine now.


I’m kinda tired yet after coming back, so I’ll now hit the sack and take a one-day school absence.


~ by lancelotreadman on November 7, 2008.

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  1. I was out in circulation for so many days and already there’s a lot of good and humorous posting in your blog.Congrats! I love reading it.How I wish I should become a rich woman too so that I can buy a lot of sex.HIHIHIHIHIH! Kidding-kidding only.

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