The “Genuine Anti-Gloria Opposition” (GAGO) in action

Oh my. Just this afternoon, Jocelyn “Never-Mind-My-Girly-Name” Bolante appeared on the Senate hearing committee, and delivered what was the greatest scripted testimony I ever heard. Not even Jun “Frozen Delight #2” Lozada can compare to Bolante’s eloquence when it comes to delivering his speech and explanatory messages.

Obviously Bolante had some speech classes in the past. That was fucking flawless.

So, in this not-so-sunny afternoon, Bolante said three very vital informations most Senators would cringe even to hear whispers of these:

1. Bolante virtually exonerated GMA and a few other officials from being involved in this fertilizer fund “scam” in principally the same way Lacson’s erstwhile “ZTE bombshell star witness” Leo San Miguel shot Lacson’s ego down to earth.

2. The fertlizer funding “business” was a regular job of the DA, said Bolante. He even hinted of “bigger budgets had been released [by the DA] than this”, which meant that the much-hyped Php 728M fund was just, well, virtually a side dish of a full-course meal. 

3. Bolante’s role, according to himself, was just a “beneficiary chooser”, not “fund releaser”, which definitely brought the house down in the hearing after #1 (see above), confirming that he is authorized to give the money but he was not the one who procured the below-standard fertilizers.

It was obviously flawless. His scriptwriter must be that really good, maybe he hired writers from the WGA in the US. I can imagine the senator presidentiables now having tantrums in their offices, screaming in anger and doing “wall-based headbanging” just to vent their testicular frustrations.

But, he was under oath, so I can only say he got off using the legal system. The state always act in “good faith”, so Bolante’s testimonial, was, whether we like it or not, is taken by the state as the “truth”. And nobody can change that nor any lawyer can nullify Bolante’s testimonial. We are in the most democratic country in Asia, and that’s the bottom line. The only way Bolante’s statement can be reversed is through “perjury”.

Now the entire Senate (minus Zubiri) is on a goose chase to find trails of dirt that might help them erase Bolante’s testimonial and earn their gold points for being such fucking sticklers. Especially senator members of the GAGO (Genuine Anti-Gloria Opposition), who are hell-bent on making Gloria squeal like an underfed hamster.

And they do act swiftly. Two hours later, Rep. Matias Defensor said that the House committee on Justice will begin deliberating on the latest impeachment complaint against President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on Tuesday next week. Apparently the Lower House members are saying to the Senate to “suck Bolante’s dick even more” while the HOR will own all impeachment cases against GMA. But remember, the majority of the HOR is pro-GMA, so it’s a dead stick in the end. Especially that the impeachment case were submitted by a jilted businessman, a few leftists and men with balls the size of a houselizard egg.

Comedy at its finest.


Quote of the day: Senator Manuel Roxas II – “Sinungaling si Bolante. Hindi kapanipaniwala ang kanyang testimony. Kasinungalingan at pagtatakip ang kanyang paghaharap (Bolante is a liar. His claims are unbelievable. What he has given us so far is a cover-up).”


~ by lancelotreadman on November 13, 2008.

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