Just Like A Pill

Last Friday, so many righteous and not-so-righteous people trooped to Makati to publicly denounce Arroyo’s plans to rewrite the Constitution. But the funny thing is that they want it rewritten – after Arroyo gets out of Malacanang.

Hahaha… that is MUCH more funnier than a Jay Leno fodder script. Those hypocrites. Removing a 4’11” hypocrite so that they can have a chance at being like her themselves.


You know, for those people in RP eating pork meat, I have three things to say to you.

1. Pork is just meat. If you’re that scared of eating pork, try beef. Or chicken meat. Or fish. Pork may be the staple meat in RP, but it isn’t the only meat out there. Besides, beef is much more healthier to eat than pork. I even rarely eat pork unless it’s the only thing on the regular hotel menu.
2. This “Ebola-Reston virus” that hit hard on the swine industry in RP is just a smokescreen. You know, Christmas is coming and pork prices are increasing, so some genius infects a batch of pigs with these virus so that people will be extremely choosy, if not avoiding, to buy their pork meat. Did you think this virus just came out of nowhere and infects a batch of pigs in nothern Luzon?
3. Try Jules Winnfield’s diatribe on pigs in “Pulp Fiction”. That should work.


In any case, Christmas in RP just makes you grow eyes on the back of your head. I heard many Filipinos say to me (I totally look like a foreigner because of my hair and my chin) I should be triple careful of pickpockets even in the most public of places.

There were horror stories of people getting their bags slashed with the precision of a surgeon and their valuables taken as fast as gossip. Not only bags, but back pockets in jeans, denim pants’ lower pockets, and even simple handbags are no match for these hoodlums.

They purportedly also grab necklaces (even when they’re even worn) and rip diamond earrings off unsuspecting women.

Maybe it’s time I consider going back to the States to spend my Christmas there. But I have graduate school and theses to finish, so hopefully I can manage. But I have to be really extra careful.


~ by lancelotreadman on December 14, 2008.

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