Back from the US


The holiday season went by like a breeze for me. I was gone for the majority of December.
But I wasn’t in the mood for the regular cold seasons, so I spent my Christmas and New Year “lazy spree” days in borderline Texas.

You know, the parts where Mexicans “jump the border”, like El Paso and Laredo. It’s hot in there, and no snow, and everywhere you look, Taco Bells stick out of any cranny.

I watched a few WWE events (house shows), it’s still the same formula, but hey, it’s so much better than watching a minute of TNA.

I’ll be back blogging for more Filipino news I can dissect by either tomorrow or by next day, I’m hitting the sack right now and sleep. Jet lag.

BTW: My latest graduate school thesis is requiring me to research a particular Filipino ethnic group’s sociology, and the group may be big or minuscule, positive or negative. Just one.

Can anybody suggest a good ethnic group that can at least fill 60 pages (not back to back) with juicy information? I’ll appreciate any help I get.


~ by lancelotreadman on January 7, 2009.

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