January 20, 2009 – In History

In local news (in the style of Mike Enriquez’s headliners):

QCSHS school principal Dr. Zenaida Sadsad, sadsad pa rin!
– In suspending 4 students, sacking their school’s journalistic publications, and all the while maintaining that the suspension did not violate the students’ rights, and that it was done based on the school’s rules and policies, this principal sure is one vain peacock. Students need not be wary of posting blogs AGAINST their schools (as long as they have valid constructive points) – I support student ideals. I’m still a student (graduate school), you know.

EDSA Dos, A-Dios!
– Commemorating this date (a few days ago) sure seems a futile effort. Cory Aquino recently switched from canary yellow to pork fat pink (subtle hit too), Erap’s out of bars, and GMA is now the most loathed icon now in RP (Bush’s gone).

Enero, me korapsyon na naman!
– I think no month has ever passed since GMA’s inauguration without at least A) one government official facing at least one graft/corruption case, or B) A Senator lands in one major broadsheet talking about shit they want to become gold. Correct me if I’m wrong. The flavor of the month has Gilbert Pajo in it. Who the hell is this guy, you ask? Nothing much, but he’s the chief of the Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) of DENR.

Limang Pinoy, tunay na Survivor!
– GMA7’s Survivor spinoff is a farce. These guys are the true survivors. They tried to flee Gloria’s country and seek better crap down there in Sabah. They’re like the Jews escaping Germany in WWII. Surviving a capsized boat in the middle of the sea is a better challenge than what, outlasting “Patani”?

4 Taon at 25 million pesos, pang-drug-test ng estudyante!
– I’m all ears for this one. I mean, students should be tested, despite many students (and the Commision of Human Rights) claiming privacy invasion. The government failed at cracking down on illegal drug use by going after drug pushers, and fair enough, they failed spectacularly. Now they are going after the users themselves. Starting with the children. And that’s the right track to go to. The GMA show “Imbestigador” has shown many times videos of students smoking pot and sniffing coke. It’s about time students are taught that drugs ISN’T the right things to use and have. I hope the government relaunch the DARE school programme again, I heard it was successful in the 90s. After all, walang magtutulak ng droga kung walang mga bibili.


Great expectations follow US President Barack H. Obama, after 12:01 PM of January 20, 2009, American time.

He now not only carries the whole USA onto his young shoulders, but also the burden of much of the entire world. He inherits a country that is in a recession never seen before since the Great Depression era, two wars (Iraq and Afghanistan), an Israeli problem, and the whole world’s loathing for his predecessor, Citizen Bush.

He now has to keep his promises, and at the same time change the global image of the US and protect the country against domestic and foreign terrorist attacks. He must also be concerned about global concerns on energy, health, and food, scientific advancements, harnessing the power of the Internet onto the government’s favor (as he did during his successful campaign), and win back the trust of the entire world who has become weary of Bush’s trigger-happy agendas.

But we should not try to place all the responsibility upon Obama, because he needs his countrymen’s help and the world’s concern in general. He brings hope and a fresh start to America, and we wish him well.


~ by lancelotreadman on January 21, 2009.

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