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In a rare (and becoming more scarce) good news from the Philippine government, its vehicle licensing section, LTFRB, expects to formalize fare rollbacks for public utility buses and jeeps when it meets anew with representatives of transport groups (mostly the PISTON, PASANG MASDA, and other groups with off-colored names) sometime within the next few days.

In retrospect, the rollback is minimal (.50c for jeeps and a peso for the bus) but in these hard times in the RP, everone could use some spare change inside their pockets for a moment’s need. You never know, maybe you’re a peso short for one stick of a cigarette.

But I expect a Christmas rollback too, so it would be good if the government gets going on the fare rollbacks.


In other news, JDV’s son Joey refuted media claims that his impeachment case filed against GMA is fueled by politics, as the media portrays him as a Senator or a congressman wannabe in 2010.

You know, most political observers in RP can easily spot a liar with his pants down, and JDV3 here is no exception. I mean, most whistleblowers and big-names in recent controversies soon found themselves heavily involved in politics. Joey-boy here is filing an impeachment case, and that’s a political start.

Here’s a quick run-down of a few people who were involved in controversies and became somewhat better political players:

1. Antonio Trillanes IV – this guy takes the top spot. He’s a troublemaker, he’s an embarassment, and he’s a disgrace to the army, but now he’s a Senator… even behind bars. Most people remember Trillanes as the PRO for the failed Oakwood mutiny that happened 5 years ago, and in the failed “Manila Pen Siege” last 2007. In politician’s lingo, that’s called a “major ratings boost”, the former one winning Trillanes a Senate seat. Thankfully the Supreme Court granted the country some breathing space from this egomaniac.

2. Ignacio “Iggy” Arroyo – he’s the one who owned up to the “Jose Pidal” bank account that Sen. Lacson tried to pin on to GMA’s huge husband. Now he’s a congressman serving the 5th district of Negros Occidental. Talk about rewards for taking a bullet in the chest.

3. Loi Ejercito Estrada – this woman was Erap’s First Lady when he assumed office in Malacanang. When Erap was ousted, Loi capitalized on the Erap supporters’ outrage for his ouster from office and garned enough votes to be voted as a Senator (alongside his son Jinggoy) in 2001. But in retrospect, I think this woman deserves capitalizing on this – she did more better medical and humanitarian outreach programs than the Arroyo government did.

4. Gringo Honasan, Fidel Ramos and Juan Ponce Enrile – these guys were major players during the first EDSA revolution, and these military personnel were responsible for leading the army against Marcos. And the three of them went on to have very very fruitful political careers, with Honasan and Enrile becoming senators and Ramos becoming a president.

5. Alan Peter Cayetano – this person was the one who realized why Lacson attacked GMA’s hubby – FG is a gold mine. So Alan boy here tried to find kinks in the armor, and soon found one regarding FGMA’s secret bank accounts. He stirred up enough buzz and capitalized on it in 2007, and lo and behold, he won a Senate seat.

If anybody knows other people who were involved in controversies and became politicians, let me know and I’ll update this list.

So, I have also a list of people who COULD run for a political position (or a much better position, if they are incumbents) in the 2010 elections:

1. Joey De Venecia [NBN-ZTE controversy]
2. Jun Lozada [NBN-ZTE controversy]
3. Jejomar Binay [heavy political player] [NBN-ZTE controversy]
4. Benjamin Abalos [Mega Pacific controversy]
5. Nueva Vizcaya Rep. Carlos Padilla [NBN-ZTE controversy] [originator]
6. Virgilo Garcillano [Hello Garci scandal]
7. Bayani Fernando [Celebrity Duets fame and MMDA work]
8. Whoever manages to pin down JocJoc Bolante


When great power comes to you, better be prepared for hell.

Google is hugely becoming a major player in the online world. They just keeps on growing and growing, by just being the better search engine. They hire the best of the best in computer science and information management graduates fresh from Harvard. Their uber-fast search engine is the unanimous best and bar none.

But most internet watchdogs (especially the Consumer Watchdog), wary of Google’s super dominance in the web search industry, is barking around a topic that can become Google’s worst enemy in the future: loss of privacy. They are wary that Google’s product announcements are prompting questions about its ability to gather more potentially sensitive personal information from users.

But Google had a very good answer: everything it stores in its data bank “disappears into a black hole once it hits the Googleplex”, meaning it’s just a read-then-dispose manner when it comes to treating Google data, which is of no concern at all. It’s like a read-delete option.

Last September’s release of Google’s web browser, Chrome, illuminated the growing conflicts between Google and the privacy SOBs.

In a mid-October letter to Google honchos, Consumer Watchdog said it had “serious privacy concerns” about Chrome and the transfer of users’ data through Google’s services without giving people what it sees as “appropriate transparency and control.” What control, assholes? People control what they type. The Consumer Watchdogs should type in “Consumer Watchdog Assholes” in Google’s AutoSuggest right away then press Enter.

I really like Google. It’s a fast-loading site, quick, straight and easily accessible. And I think Google is too intelligent a company to let something as potentially harmful as “privacy loss” just pass right through their noses.


In sickness and in pretending

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The Senators are now REALLY fuming madly (see my previous entry) as the JocJoc Bolante issue is nearing the “frozen delight” status. The PR men are scrambling to squeeze what issue-worthy points the Senators can raise and hammer down as Bolante, on the other hand, is also trying desperately to avoid the pack of dogs that are biting down on his heels. I do not know if these presidentiables are in cahoots with the media, as Bolante appears in nightly news programs in an average of at least three times.

A week is too long for one very hot meteor to remain as hot as it had landed on Earth. The same with juicing Bolante.

It’s also obvious Bolante is a lying piece of ass. You know, maybe staying in the motherland of Hollywood has some benefits, like “clutching your chest” or “trimming down fat to a gaunt physique” or “grimacing every 6 minutes whenever media cameras are rolling” can be translated to symptoms of heart ailment? PNP generals can do better than that.

Crooks are trying to catch a crook to nail another crook. Is the Philippine government trying to be ironic?

PS: I do not know this too, but whoever named their son “Jocelyn” sure is a queer one for a parent. I mean, that name’s usually reserved for demure provincial girls, not overacting ex-politicians.


I also think JocJoc Bolante can pull a “Neri” at this point.

I mean, former socio-economic Sec. Romulo Neri invoked his “executive privilege” aka “the right to remain silent, version 2” at the NBN-ZTE deal hearing which infuriated many Senators (which also served as a destroyer for Manny Villar’s proverbial political springboard). And Neri has provided the loophole for many witnesses to use, why not Bolante?

Looking at Bolante, I think he’s not in the jovial mood for the season of giving. He’s content in hospital arrests or evading interviews or placing gag orders on his masseuse (aka the doctor).

I think Bolante is not that scared of going to jail. I mean, there’s the Jalosjos influence and the Trillanes precendent, which both cases feature these inmates living in opulence in prison.

And the most scary part is, when the Senate sends Bolante to jail, 12 months later GMA can give Bolante a very appealing gift.

Executive clemency.


Taiwan, in my opinion, is a sovereign country and not China’s breakaway “territory”.

Hopefully Taiwan’s president Ma Ying-jeou (a KMT leader) keeps his word on keeping the sovereignity of Taiwan as is and rejecting any political advances by China.

Tibet is now in ruins, and for us foreign observers, enough is enough. The UN and WB should intervene and help Taiwan achieve its status by giving it a membership slot.

And China can keep its melamine to itself.


I’ll be gone for a few days, I’ll be in the US for the elections, so let’s see the electoral drama unfold until the 270 magical number is achieved. I’ll try to blog too while I’m there.

All The Way To The Hospital

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Yep, it’s confirmed: Jocjoc Bolante is already HERE in the Philippines. And he’s not in the Senate hotel.

According to GMA’s Flash News segments (which flickered here and there last night), former DA usec. Jocelyn “Never-mind-my-girly-name” Bolante was brought to St. Luke’s Medical Center in Quezon City (yep again, that very pricey one) for “hospital arrest,” shortly after his arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Now the so-termed “Senate arresting team” including their sergeant-at-arms (or I would rather call them a pack of idiots) sat and waited for nothing as a wizened and gaunt Bolante (I thought US was the land of milk and honey… oh wait, scrap the milk) was whisked away to the hospital. And some politicians even went as far as to place the pack of idiots near Bolante’s medical hotel room, and as to Filipinos say, “para magkaroon lang ng kahit konting silbi”.

I can already imagine some Senators fuming madly at some backstage area somewhere in the Senate.


Yesterday it was big news that the Sunflower crackers most Filipinos love (besides Skyflakes and Magic), had all of its variants pulled out of almost all major supermarkets and groceries even though the DOH only banned its Blueberry Cream line.

And yes, the so-termed “our products did not come from China” excuse tagline continues on.


As a sidenote, the Lucky-Me Supreme Court has already urged the Senate to go against the arrest of Bolante. This goes to show that the whole Senate has its own version of “justice”.


The Chinese are now complaining to Microsoft about their new anti-piracy policy with their popular operating systems, Windows XP and Vista.

The genius of Bill Gates’ group of geeks have adopted the ‘black-out’ method, which turns computer desktops black every hour if the installed Windows XP operating system fails an authenticity validation test. It actually started about 3 years ago when I heard from my university dormmates that some small-time computer rental shops had their units confiscated by a PNP raid sponsored by Microsoft. Then, I noticed that some other small-time PC shops had this unobtrusive Windows Genuine Advantage image at the startup login screen, which continually asks the user to buy the genuine product.

This chess move by Gates has caused an outcry among the predominant WinXP Chinese users, who have labeled it as “unfair” monopoly tactics. Well, they can go cry and bitch about it in their papers, but I don’t think Microsoft is known for relenting to its customers.

I only have one phrase for all of you Chinese whiners out there: Use Linux, Red Hat, SuSE or Ubuntu.


Recently a few people in one blog have roughly castigated me for telling the truth. At least one named “chi” was respectful enough to treat it as a friendly note (thank you very much, much appreciated for the welcoming!) while 3 others tried to kiss my butt. One even went so far as to label me a “blog police patrol”. Well, I actually liked the idea of saying to this particular commentator that his police patrol theme sucks and he can “stick it up his ass” in a separate comment for being such a stickler, but I respect Manong Cocoy’s blog, so I’d rather blather about it here.

But I guess he can’t blame me for it – I used English with very minimal Filipino in it. And I’m in the Philippines, so there could be a few r—– out there that can hurl some carabao dung at me for telling a very simple (yet so minor) truth in English. And since the virtual world can be both fun and insulting at the same time, either that other commentator’s a p— or a b—h.

Then, I guess, I’ll just have to learn to keep my virtual mouth shut for a few side comments on other people’s blogs unless some r—– starts to kick my ass.

EDIT: OK, I’m calm now. I think it’s unfair to be also biased on my part, so I’ll be quite fair in dealing with criticisms such as that one.

Athanasia and Death

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Am I not surprised by this. China actually has tainted biscuits and eggs.

It isn’t just milk, now melamine was found in eggs and confections like biscuits. Heck, biscuits I can understand, because maybe some unscrupulous jerk laced them with melamine, but God forbid, eggs?

Well, the Chinese embassy had an explanation: animal feeds. The chickens were fed with melamine-laced chicken feed. Wonder, wonder. The chickens now are immune to melamine?

Let’s update the list, shall we?


  • Toys (especially the ones from Mattel)
  • Milk
  • Biscuits
  • Eggs


Jocjoc Bolante, the so-beleaguered ex-official in the US now being deported to RP and facing a possible genie-like summonings to the Senate for probing, is like a very juicy material for the presidential aspirants.

This is a biggie for them. Bolante is a gold mine in popularity ratings. The press will eat up everything Bolante will say or do, and whoever takes Bolante down and makes him sing better than that Bugoy in the erstwhile PDA show will have a mega-hit status in RP. Come on, the naive only doesn’t know that Bolante could be possibly linked to GMA, and if Villar, Lacson or Legarda scores a hit or two, and we all know they are all so desperate, one will hit the jackpot.

And the corrupt will also take over the corrupt. Oh well, Filipinos also love to say “ang magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw”.


Rob Simpson is a genius. I mean, with his paperback “What We Could Have Done With the Money: 50 Ways to Spend the Trillion Dollars We’ve Spent on Iraq” I could really see where US could have gone differently with spending and borrowing their own money.

That’s $1,000,000,000,000.00 for you. US sure knows how to pimp a war, and pimp they did. They hated Saddam Hussein for having a mustache that Bush never had. They turned Baghdad to a surface reminscent of the moon. And boy did they totally forget about Osama, that 9/11 bastard.

Most of Simpson’s analysis are good. I mean, here.

$1 trillion could …
… pave the entire U.S. interstate highway system with gold, 23.5-karat gold leaf.
… buy every person on the planet an iPod.
… give every high school student in the United States a free college education.
… pay off every American’s credit card.
… buy a Buick for every senior citizen still driving in the United States.
… double the 663,000 cops on the beat in the entire US police workforce for 32 years.
… buy 16.6 million Habitat for Humanity houses, enough for 43 million Americans.
… pay for 1.9 million additional teachers for America’s classrooms.
… retrain 4 million workers a year or lay a foundation for paying Social Security benefits in 65 years to every child born in the United States, beginning today.
… pay for the Bush administration’s financial bailout plan, with $300 billion as spare change.

He even made a website to make us realize his point. It can be found here:

I actually tried out his web game of spending 1 trillion dollars, and for once I can’t stay on this game for too long, it just makes me too bummed out to continue. I spent money on so many vices yet I still had $785,345,231,345 to spare. Scheisse.


There was this one Guitar Hero commercial I saw last week that made me laugh out loud. Really.

There’s Alex Rodriguez and Michael Phelps on the guitars, Tonk Hawk with a set of drums, and Kobe Bryant with a microphone. They wore matching pink polos with few undergarments, then they did a parody of that Tom Cruise’s “Risky Business” lip-synching scene complete with the same livingroom set and the same song. Wow. Activision sure is pulling out all the cards

The PNP’s Maj. Hardon and Pvt. Parts

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Currently the Philippine National Police is embroiled in a very press-lucrative controversy surrounding one of its recently retired officials being involved in what the press dubbed as the “Moscow Scam”, also the “Russian Fiasco”, “From Russia With Money”, and so on.

Former PNP comptroller Eliseo Dela Paz and his wife were held at the Moscow airport a few days ago after authorities found the equivalent of P6.9 million in their possession. This very juicy information soon leaked out and the nightly-news shows saw a surge in cop-related fodder. And in addition to Dela Paz, Russian customs police have detained eight senior officers in Moscow last Saturday and seized 105,000 euros (134,000 dollars) which a police spokesman later explained was a “cash advance” to cover incidental expenses on the trip.

Now how can $134,000 dollars be for “incidental expenses”? I mean, poor people are starving in the RP and these PNP officials just simply claim this sum of money as “incidental expenses”? How callous of them. What do they think will happen in their little winter escapade? Be buried by snow and pay euros to their gravediggers? Shit.

The officers supposedly had attended an International Police conference in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It’s just a fricking conference, and these eight Cornholios brought with them $134,000?? That’s public money, you eight monkey bitches.

Now Philippine policemen are being screened for foreign travel, an official report said. Good. The Philippine National Police (PNP) has set a pre-departure briefing for 45 policemen heading for the United States to attend a seminar. Better. And if they want the best ranking, supply them with enough money for food and lodging, and never include any for “incidental expenses”. If they screw up in the US, they’re screwed, that should be the policy.

But according to GMANews.TV, the PNP hierarchy and the Interior Department tried to “downplay” the incident by naming the undeclared amount of money as a “contingency fund” for the police delegation sent on a seminar there in Russia. What again… if you know you’re in hot water, excuses like these only increase the temperature. And now, PNP, the words for you are “crash” and “burn”.


Now Sulpicio Lines, Inc. is trying to squeeze every bit of legal money to help them float off bankruptcy.

SLI recently sued the air-and-sea freight services firm Ceva Logistics Inc. that loaded the toxic endosulfan cargo to the ill-fated passenger vessel of theirs, the “M/V Princess of the Stars” that capsized in Romblon last June.

Now I see a little desperation after SLI failed to cream some dough from PAGASA last week.


Former President Joseph Estrada is still living in a candyland of denial these days, and we can’t blame the old man, he’s probably getting some of his screws loose as the years go by.

He recently slammed the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) for ordering him and former senator Loi Ejercito (his wife), to pay a total of P2.9B in unpaid taxes stemming from the perjury case he had while being “incarcerated”.

Look, we don’t need the court to prove Erap and “Jose Velarde” is one and the same. We already knew it based on the previous evidences and testimonials of other credible people.

The BIR should actually let Erap go, he needs his money for future operations, Arthro, Flanax, Liveraide, caviar, Johnny Walker, Chivas, and other nutritional supplements he might need on his old age. And with that maybe Erap will be content to just shut his bunghole.


Henry Sy, and his family, is now valued by Forbes magazine by $3.1 billion, making them the richest family in the Philippines, edging out the Ayalas, Yuchengcos and the Arroyos.

Business-wise, it’s evident – he owns the biggest chain of supermalls in the Philippines, SM, alongside other investments and ventures and businesses, and malls are always cash cows in third worlds. Sy’s history of development from simple shoe stores and meager beginnings to being a conglomerate is one of Go Negosyo’s stories which I have been fortunate to read, and when I read the news, I knew already that it was just the proverbial “fruit of labor”.

This only shows that hard work and perseverance works better than a mere smile of luck from lotteries. Money doesn’t just fall like manna – you have to work for it, and even if you get some as a gift or a lucky winning, you’ll work for it the rest of your life.


McCain is sure getting desperate these days. Their last debate yesterday was quite heated, and judging from McCain’s attacks and how Obama successfully parried and defended each and every one of it, John McCain is one very very desperate man.

Obama’s leading in polls. Obama’s rallies and political shows have been blockbusters. The crowds at McCain’s rallies pale in comparison to Obama’s. And Obama is branching out to young people in stead to his own politically youthful age, even going as far as having Obama ads placed on the top 10 online video games in the US.

The debate was tough, and definitely personal. Many topics have been raised like politics, taxes, campaign fundings, economics and the general views of the American people, but I have to say that McCain should step back from Bush (it was also discussed in that debate), because being aligned with Bush these days mean the kiss of death, and McCain is close to puckering up.

But the debate was good. Better than the previous.


The Catholic church in the Philippines were dealt a Pacquiao-esque punch by a recent survey that says most Filipinos are in favor of family planning education.

The non-commissioned survey by the Social Weather Station (SWS) conducted from Sept. 24 to 27, also found that 7 out of 10 Catholics or 71% are in favor of the congressional passage of the Reproductive Health Bill.

Also, 68% of non-Catholics favor the bill, says SWS. “Support for the RH Bill is an overwhelming 84 percent among those previously aware of the bill, and a majority 59 percent among those who became aware of it on account of the survey,” the SWS said. Really good numbers.

With this glaring fact, the CBCP should somehow lower its hardline stance on this issue, and may they realize that there is a very clear red line between church and state, and they should step back.


DOH is still not yet done with the melamine checking business. It’s good, since it assures the public further with regards to buying milk products. Hope they keep it up until every product on a standard grocery is scanned and verified.

It’s all about the money, money, money…

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In the “not-so-good-news”, at least three “major” transport organizations expressed their vehement opposition to the fare reduction petition during a public hearing at the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) yesterday (October 14).

These bastards… when gas goes up, they want a fare hike. If gas goes down, they don’t want a fare rollback. What a bunch of pussies.

According to GMANews.TV, those that opposed the fare hike petition filed by various commuters groups were the PISTON, PASANG MASDA and the Metro Manila Jeep Operators and Drivers Association (MMJODA).

Well then.

PISTON = assholes.
PASANG MASDA = assholes.
MMJODA = assholes.

LTFRB Chairman Thompson Lantion was quoted saying that “the groups want major oil price rollback before any fare reduction is made”. It’s as if like somebody is sick, the doctor will only give medicine when the patient is coughing up blood.

Also during yesterday’s hearing, the LTRFB formally summoned (what, wizardry this time?) the three major oil companies (Shell, Petron, et al) and small players (Flying V, Total, et al) to shed some light on the high prices of oil despite the decline of crude oil in the world market. As if there’s not enough assholes in RP, these oil companies want a share of the distinction of being assholes too.


JDV’s refusal to support the “fruit of his loins”, Joey DV’s impeachment bid against President Arroyo may be his last attempt to retain his dignity as a statesman and also out of propriety. He surely knows that shenanigans like his son’s latest escapades won’t prosper. It’s like battling AIDS using HIV.


In other news, Sulpicio Lines, the most statistically deadly company in the country, has lost its civil case suit against PAGASA.

What a bunch of bastards. PAGASA is a weather FORECAST agency of the state, you Sulpicio turds. The difference between PAGASA and a carnival fortuneteller is that PAGASA has the mechanical means to ensure the accuracy of their forecast. And being a forecast, it is never accurate nor absolute. If the storm shifts to another direction at the last minute, it’s not PAGASA’s fault.

Besides, PAGASA is performing a government function, hence it’s immune from frivolous suits like these.

Sulpicio Lines’ record of tragedies should end with the last one. No more should die because of boarding ill-prepared ships with toxic cargos to boot.


And speaking of the devils, the Kapanalig at Kambilan neng Memalen Pampanga (Kambilan) will file this morning its recall petition against Gov. Eddie Panlilio, with a supposed 220,000 signatures from their supporters.

The instigator, Rosve Henson of KAMBILAN (also an avid supporter of the now-former Pineda) even admitted to the “integrity” of the signatures by saying that they came from Lubao residents, also a stronghold of the Pineda family. Also included in the shenanigan is Dennis Pineda, mayor and the leader of the Pampanga Mayors’ League.

But 220,000… I had a short life, but I never would have thought of the day would I see another huge mass of idiots aside from the 11 million pricks that voted for Trillanes.

They’re still short, though. 220,000 < 1,000,000. COMELEC needs 10% of the total registered voters of Pampanga to be validated in the recall petition before it holds a recall.

So, Panlilio is still somewhat snug and safe. But Panlilio should know by now that there are some hugantic morons in his province, and should always, always watch his back. Hey, Pineda’s rich, you never know where the money goes. Filipinos always say “matagal mamatay ang masamang damo“. It always pays to be alert in the political scene.

Chinsuko Shimbun

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Now the biggest ass in Makati, Jejomar Binay (that’s Binay with the captal B and the small P) yesterday dared President Arroyo to file criminal charges and order the arrest of retired Army general Jovito Palparan for his alleged involvement in the abduction and illegal detention of two farmers in Bulacan more than two years ago.

That was “alleged”, by the way. Mr. Binay, please confirm your sources first, then change your wording to “confirmed”, then you can logically urge the Presidential bitchwagon to arrest this General.

The opposition… *sigh* only knows to bitch and cawk but when push comes to shove, they come out with their tails behind their testicles. The same with Lacson and his botched attempt with a supposed ZTE witness a few months ago.

“The Arroyo administration should file charges and order the arrest of Palparan to show its adherence to the constitutional provisions of protecting human rights and the rule of law,” Binay said. Asshole. Do you think that the Arroyo administration will be “clean” in your eyes by follwing your every whimsical requests?


If it’s the same with pigs, the same with oil.

The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) will be summoning officials of oil companies to the hearing on the fare rollback in order to explain the high prices of gasoline and diesel despite the decline in the price of crude oil in the world market.

It’s obvious that these oil companies are still trying to take advatage of the situation. They get more money for their pockets at the expense of the people despite the glaring signs that they should enforce a price increase.

As I said, it’s like the market pork-per-kilo pricing – the vendors refuse to lower prices due to “hard times” and their need to satiate their greed. It’s the ultimate opium for the poor people – greediness.

But these oil company honchos aren’t poor – they’re rich people trying still to amass their money more to spend on holiday trips to Hawaii. Money, is their ultimate opium. Heck, they can smoke 20 dollar bills and nobody will give a whit.


To Mr. Joey de Venecia, flash news for you: to impeach a crook, you must present concrete details on the question of “why”. I don’t see your complaint going further than a simple browse-through-then-shred process, it’s full of crap. I want Gloria impeached, actually, but I’m looking for something more concrete and less flawed than say, the ZTE scandal you caused? Or “Hello Garci”? Those are just press fodders. Some of it are true, but if the lies outweigh the truth, all becomes a lie.